Family Law


When a married couple has children, and that marriage has come to an end, the couple needs to determine where their children will live and who will make decisions concerning those children. Where the children live (with which parent) involves a decision as to the children’s physical custody. Courts can make physical custody orders that vary hugely — a court may order that both parents share the children equally or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, courts may order that one parent have custody and the other parent have limited visitation time with the children.

Who makes decisions about the children’s medical care, education, passports, etc., relates to legal custody. Courts can order that these responsibilities be shared (joint legal custody) or that one parent alone shall have the right to make decisions (sole legal custody). Our firm assists our clients in obtaining orders that they believe are right for their family.

Representative Results

  • Obtained full custody for father where mother had substance abuse problem.
  • Negotiated stipulated parenting plan so parties can resolve ongoing disputes without having to go to court.
  • Negotiated primary physical custody for father with monitored limited visitation for mother for safety of the children.